What to Expect from your class

  Preschool (ages 4-5) (6-8)


Important concepts

• Dancing while looking in the mirror; moving side to side, forwards and backwards while looking in the mirror, or toward the front of the room at the audience or instructor • Recalling basic choreography with verbal but not visual assistance, unless hearing disabled (for example: "your turn to do skips!" and student is able to do skips without a reminder of what a skip is) • Listening to the music (mimicking quiet music with soft movements, and loud busy music with bigger and faster movements)

Vocabulary and Technique • Rotate the legs open to turn-out • First and Second position • Sauté in first and second • Echappé sauté • Plié in First and Second (I say "Diamond" and "Houses") • Relevé (I say "Elevator Up") • Tendu (I say "Point-Tendu") • Temps-lié prep (Rocking between the legs, I say "Swirling ocean waters") • Chassé into the ground (I say "Ice-skate chasse") • Skips on both feet • Gallops on both feet going sideways and forwards • Leap on both legs • pas de chat parallel (can introduce side to side depending on students – I say “knee, one-two”)           Graduation Requirements: None

Best of Sandpoint 3 years             Fall Schedule 2019  

Preschool programs 


Combo classes  (ages 3-6)    45 minute Classes $50/month

Mon 5:30-6:30  Hip Hop/Flip Flop Boys & girls (ages 3-6)        Studio A

Fri 10:45-11:15am (age 3-5)                          Studio B


Combo classes (ages 4-8)    1 hour classes $55/month

Wed  Intro: Ballet/Tap /Acro 2:10-3:10 (age 4-5)

Wed 3:15-4:30  Ballet/Acro/Tap  (ages 5-8) 


Music Program  15 minute video lesson $5 additional/month for students in our dance program

Wed 10:00-10:15am Preschool Prodigies Music program            Studio C

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