What to Expect from your class

Dress Requirements: Students should wear hair up in a bun or braid, pink leotard and tights, pink ballet slippers. They can wear tutus or skirts but will need to take them off for some of the class.  Tumbling skills are minimal, but tutus and skirts get in the way.  They will often run around until they get used to the class structure (This is completely normal at this age).  We suggest parents stay for class until your child is ready to be without you. Do not expect your child to understand all the concepts until they have been in class for a while, all children learn at their own pace and should be comfortable and happy when attending class.  We always incorporate tumbling and movement concepts to the younger students so they can have fun and still learn what they need to for classes in the future.

Preschool  (ages 2-3)     Important concepts

• Standing in line • Taking turns • Matching the teacher • Remembering their spot • Recognizing themselves in the mirror • Bending down low vs standing up and reaching high.  Vocabulary and Technique • First position • Plié • Relevé & releve’ walks • Leap • Pointe and flexing toes • Gallops  • beginning tumbling skills • Music recognition with matching movements           Graduation Requirements- none

Best of Sandpoint 3 years             Fall Schedule 2019  

Preschool programs 


Preschool (ages 2-3)    30 minute classes $40/month            Studio B

Wed  9:30-10am Intro to dance  (ages 2-3)   

Wed TBA  (Lunch schedules)    - new class                enrolling now

Thur 2:30-3:00pm Fairy Princess Story dance time (ages 2-3)

Fri 9:30-10am Fairy Princess Story dance time (ages 2-3)

Music Program  15 minute video lesson $5 additional/month for students in our dance program

Wed 10:00-10:15am Preschool Prodigies Music program            Studio C

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